Committed to Empowering our Communities


Amoore Health Systems, Inc. is a certified minority and women owned business entity, with a consultative approach based on the principles of leadership, quality, and diversity. AHS was established in 1995, and provides services to clients in the private and public sectors, including government industries via vocational rehabilitation and medical case management services; private industries via project management and health care initiatives; and faith-based initiatives via community outreach and member recruitment. The mission of Amoore Health Systems is to develop, administer and provide an array of preventative, wellness, and health & human service systems that address the needs of diverse populations and that are responsive to individual needs and cost efficient to funding sources.

Amoore Health Systems, Inc. provides distinct services in the areas of

  • Community Healthcare Support
  • RAC Audits (Recovery Audits Contractors)
  • Project Administration and Planning
  • Health Service Planning
  • Healthcare Advocacy
  • Medical Claims Review and Health Assistance Vocational and Management
  • Health sector manpower development Life Skills Vocational Training Services
  • Managed Care Readiness
  • Billing and Compliance Audits
  • Professional Procurement Services
  • Human Resource Management
  • FMLA Intake Coordination
  • Health Assistance Vocational
  • Training Services
  • Employment promotion or planning services
  • Healthcare Recruitment and Placement Service (Specializing in Medical Assistant recruitment)