Committed to Empowering our Communities


521 Management Group (521), Inc. is a boutique-style, grass roots, public relations entity, with national impact. 521 was established in 1996 to support corporate and non-profit organizations in issues related to government, public relations, marketing, community relations, business development, human resources, and media.


521 recognizes the infinite number of interest groups within all communities, and
understands that in order to establish ties with politically and culturally diverse
organizations, it is necessary to identify common ground in an effort to get our clients’ message across. 521 serves as a liaison with community leaders, and educates the community-at-large on client activities.


Our comfortable approach and business and political expertise assists our clients in targeting, defining and implementing their agenda. We are able to fully leverage our client’s profile and meet their needs by providing unparalleled access to policy makers, business professionals, and community leaders, while designing innovative marketing and branding strategies.


521 Management Group, Inc. provides distinct services in the areas of:

  • Establishing relationships with leaders at all levels of business and government
  • Monitoring the business and political environment to identify development opportunities for clients
  • Serving as a strategic resource in local, state and/or federal matters
  • Identifying niche legislative issues which trend towards expanded client opportunities,
  • Monitoring local and national public policy in “real time” their personal and professional potential
  • Identifying and providing support for workplace issues such as time management, stress reduction, and employee/management communication styles
  • Developing “Managing Diversity” training programs designed to assist organizations working in culturally
  • Ascertaining client objectives and goals
  • Evaluating internal and external environments
  • Identifying target audiences and key access points
  • Designing organizational strategies and making tactical recommendations
  • Developing and coordinating unique holistic media and marketing campaigns
  • Providing Executive Coaching, partnering with clients to maximize diverse environments and managing a culturally diverse workforce
  • Providing specific small business training to address topics such as entrepreneurship, management and leadership, strategies for change, and motivation.